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Prof. LIU Haitao delivered a talk on research and publishing

2016年03月19日 12:33 He Jing 点击:[]


Professor LIU Haitao from Zhejiang University gave an inspiring talk on Mar. 17, 2016 atthe Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, GDUFS. This is his first lecture in the series.      

The lecture touched upon the paper writing and publishing tips, as well as a study’s academicinfluence. He urged scholars to get our studies published in renowned international journals. Thus a research promotes the writer and the institutions academically and advances human knowledge. Concepts and influentialresearch databases are introduced. For instance, impact factor and H-index aswell as ESI, Web of Science, Scopus, JCR. Linguistic journals covered by SSCI or A&HCI are examined. In the lecture, professor Liu highly appraised the GDUFS’s research quality in the linguistics domain. Our centre ranks the second among mainland universities and the eighth in the Greater China region (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The rank can be illustrated by the cited frequency of linguistic studies, covered by SSCI and A&HCI, in the past five years, conducted by scholars from our university. And the contrast between the figures of the past three years and that of the past five years demonstrates the fruition of talents recruitment and discipline construction. This informative and useful lecture is highly appreciated by audiences.





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