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Prof. Wang Kefei Talked about English-Chinese Parallel Corpus Building and Research Grants Application

2016年11月04日 09:22 Tian Fujun 点击:[]


Prof. WANG Kefei, chief editor of thejournal Foreign Language Teaching andResearch, was invited to have a discussion with members of BilingualCognition and Development Lab on the afternoon of November 2, 2016.


As the leader of the compilation of alarge-scale English-Chinese parallel corpus, Prof. Wang first introducedbriefly the components and characteristics of the corpus. Then he shared withthe audience his experience as a reviewer of the grants sponsored by ChineseMinistry of Education and National Social Science Foundation of China. Anoverview of the programs supported by the foundation was provided. All labmembers present felt that they benefited a lot from the meeting with Prof.Wang.


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