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Keep Calm and Carry on:The Minutes of the Symposium on Prof. GUI Shichun’s Academic Thoughts

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In memory of Prof. GUI Shichun, the renowned Chinese linguist and educator who passed away on April 5th, 2017, the Center for Linguistics and Applied Lingustics at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) held the Symposium on Prof. Gui Shichun’s Academic Thoughts on April 21st, 2018. Fifty-six famous linguists and scholars from 17 domestic universities or research institutes participated in this conference to discuss Prof. Gui’s academic thoughts and research achievements, and to inherit his profound academic legacy. The symposium was hosted by Prof. DONG Yanping, the director of Bilingual Cognition and Development Lab, a provincial lab at GDUFS.


Dr. SUI Guangjun gave the opening remarks


Dr. SUI Guangjun, the president of GDUFS delivered the opening speech, in which he spoke highly of Prof. Gui’s research attitude and academic achievements. Then, Prof. HUANG Jianhua, the former president of GDUFS and a colleague of Prof. Gui, shared his valuable memories of their collaboration experiences. Prof. Gui used to call himself a “librarian”, and at the symposium, his wife, Mrs. AN Qun donated over 2000 books among his personal collection to GDUFS, which leads to the establishment of “GUI Shichun Reading Room”.


Prof. Huang Jianhua shared his collaboration experiences with Prof. Gui Shichun


Mrs. AN Qun, the wife of Prof. Gui Shichun donated 2000 books to GDUFS

The symposium comprised three discussion sessions. The first session, chaired by Prof. WEN Qiufang from Beijing Foreign Studies University, focused on Chinese foreign language education in the new era. The second and third sessions titled “Research Methods in Applied Linguistics” and “Talent Cultivation and Language Testing” were held in the afternoon, hosted by Prof. WANG Chuming from GDUFS and Prof. HE Lianzhen from Zhejiang University respectively. In the discussion sessions, 27 scholars as representatives expressed their opinions on Prof. Gui’s academic thoughts, and unanimously mentioned the following three aspects: First, Prof. Gui was considered one of the founders of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in China. Because of his great endeavor, this research area became an independent discipline in China in the early 1960s. Secondly, Prof. Gui was a leading pioneer in advocating data-based research methods. It was his incessant pursuit for knowledge and truth that contributed to empirical approach for linguistic studies. Finally, Prof. Gui was an admirable mentor and a true friend. He always enjoyed sharing valuable research resources with others and offered insightful suggestions to young scholars who asked him for help.


Moderators of the symposium (Prof. DONG Yanping) and three disucssion sessions (Prof. WEN Qiufang, Prof. WANG Chuming, Prof. HE Lianzhen)

The symposium on the spot 


At the end of the symposium, Prof. LIU Jianda, the vice president of GDUFS and the director of Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, gave the closing remarks. As Prof Gui’s student, he also expressed his great gratitude to his supervisor. At the end of the symposium, he announced the commencement of Shichun Forums, which aims to carry forward Prof. Gui’s academic thoughts and research achievements.


Prof. LIU Jianda gave the closing remarks


The symposium on Prof. Gui Shinchun’s academic thoughts won warm applauses from the audience and everyone was impressed by Prof. Gui’s research works and dignity. He left us with enormous academic resource; his craving for learning and exploring set a good example for all researchers to follow.


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