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International Conference on Language Testing and Assessment

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International Conference on Language Testing andAssessment                    




(Guangzhou,China;   November 28-302015)                    



You are invited to present at the                    


International Conference on LanguageTesting and Assessment                    


An international conferenceheld by                    


National KeyResearch Center for Linguistics & Applied Linguistics                            


Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China                            


co-organized with                    


National Education Examinations Authority                            


Ministry of Education in China                            



Conference Theme                    


Development of foreign language proficiency testingand assessment system              



Topics for proposal                    


Topics for proposal include but are not limited to:              


1Development ofscales of foreign language proficiency              


2Criteria forforeign language assessment              


3Reform of foreign language examinations in China              


4Formative assessment in foreign language teaching              


5Criterion-referencedforeign language teaching and assessment                  



Invitation to participate                    


Professionalsand scholars from all language-testing contexts worldwide and all relatedfields are invited to submit proposals to present at the 2015 InternationalConference on Language Testing and Assessment.              


Invited Plenary Speakers:


Prof. Nick Saville              


Prof. John de Jong              


Prof. Liying Cheng              


Prof. Shichun Gui              


Prof. Jianda Liu              


Content of proposals:




lName of the author              


lInstitution name              


lAn abstract within 500 words,              


lInformation for correspondence (email address,telephone number).              


Deadline for submission:September15, 2015


VenueGuangdongUniversity of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou , China


Conference fee800 Yuan500 Yuan for students (accommodation not covered)              


Email Address for submissionlta2015@126.com


Conference websitehttp://clal.org.cn/lta2015              


Liaisons020-36207201Ms. Liu



National Key Research Center forLinguistics & Applied Linguistics                    


Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,China        

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