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Professor XU Hai

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Academic Background    

PhD in Linguistics,  Guangdong U niversity  of Foreign Studies, 2006  

MA in English Language and Literature,   Xiamen University , 1998  

Visiting Scholar, ENCAP, Cardiff University, 2011-2012  

Visiting Scholar, Department of English, Queen's University, Canada, 2003-2004  


Research Interests    

vocabulary research, lexicography, applied linguistics  


Selected Publications    

Zhang, S., Xu, H.*, & Zhang, X. (2021). The effects of dictionary use on second language vocabulary acquisition: A meta-analysis.International Journal of Lexicography, 34(1), 1-38. (SSCI, A&HCI)  

Li, L., Xu*, H., & Zhang, X. (2020). Exploring the role of phraseological knowledge and syntactic knowledge in L2 listening comprehension. Lingua, 248, 1-13. (SSCI, A&HCI)

Xu, H., Lu, X., & Brezina, V. (2019). Acquisition of the Chinese Particle le by L2 Learners: A Corpus-based Approach. In X. Lu & B. Chen (Eds.), Computational and Corpus Approaches to Chinese Language Learning (pp. 197-216). Singapore: Springer.

Chen, H., & Xu*, H. (2019). Quantitative linguistics approach to interlanguage development: a study based on the Guangwai-Lancaster Chinese Learner Corpus. Lingua, 230, 1-15. (SSCI, A&HCI)

Dai, Y., Wu*, Z., & Xu*, H. (2019). The Effect of Types of Dictionary Presentation on the Retention of Metaphorical Collocations: Involvement Load Hypothesis vs. Cognitive Load Theory. International Journal of Lexicography, 32(4), 411-430. (SSCI, A&HCI)

Hu, H., Xu*, H., & Hao, J. (2019). An SFL approach to gender ideology in the sentence examples in the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary. Lingua, 220, 17-30. (SSCI, A&HCI)

Huang, J., & Xu*, H. (2019). Reflections on the Making of the Grand dictionnaire chinois-français contemporain. Lexikos, 29, 324-338. ((SSCI, A&HCI)

Xu, H. & Lou, Y. (2015). Treatment of the Preposition to in English Learners’ Dictionaries: A Cognitive Approach. International Journal of Lexicography, 28(2), 207-231. (SSCI, A&HCI)      

Li, L. & Xu, H. (2015). Using an Online Dictionary for Identifying the Meanings of Verb Phrases by Chinese EFL Learners. Lexikos, 25, 191-209. (SSCI, A&HCI)         


Xu, H. (2013). Phraseological Dictionary English-German: General Vocabulary in Technical and Scientific Texts. International Journal of Lexicography, 26(2), 239-243. (SSCI, A&HCI)       


Xu, H. (2012). A Critique of the Controlled Defining Vocabulary in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Lexikos, 22, 367-381. (SSCI, A&HCI)  


Xu, H., Yuan, K., & He, J. (2012). A Study of English Learners’ Dictionaries.   Beijing   : Foreign Language Teaching and Researrch Press.  


Xu, H. & McAlpine, J. (Eds.). (2010). Dictionary of Canadian English. (English-English, English-Chinese).    Beijing   : Commercial Press.


Xu, H. (2008). Exemplification Policy in English Learners'Dictionaries. International Journal of Lexicography, 21(4), 395-417.


Xu, H. & McAlpine, J. (2008). Anglophone, Peewee, Two-four... Are Canadianisms Acquiredby ESL Learners in Canada?.TESL Canada Journal, 26(1), 11-30.


Xu, H. (2007). Effectiveness of Presentation Models of Ditransitive Constructions in English-Chinese Learner’s Dictionaries. Modern Foreign Languages, 30(3), 221-230.


Xu, H. (2005).Treatment of Deictic Expressions in Example Sentences in English Learners’ Dictionaries. International Journal of Lexicography, 18(3), 289-311.  


Research Grants    


PI, "L2 Processing and Acquisition of English and Chinese Paradox Constructions", supported by the National Social Science Fund of China (No. 15BYY062), completed;   


Co-PI (with Dr. Richard Xiao and Dr. Vaclav Brezina at Lancaster University), "The Corpus-based Approach to the Acquisition of Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign Language", surpported by    British    Academy   IPM Scheme (Grant No. PM120462), completed;  


PI, "Formulaicity in English: Theories and Application", supported by the MOE Project of Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities in    China   (No. 12JJD740010), completed;  


PI, "A Study of English Learners' Dicitonaries", supported by the MOE Project of Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities in    China   (No. 06JJD740007), completed.  

Academic Services  


Co-Editor-in-Chief (2017-):  Lexicography: Journal of ASIALEX

Editorial Board Member (2019-): International Journal of Lexicography

President (2021-2023):  The Asian Association for Lexicography (ASIALEX)