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Dr. Li Shaofeng’s Lecture on Teacher and Learner Beliefs about Corrective Feedback

2017年10月25日 09:06 CHEN Chao 点击:[]


On theafternoon of October 17th 2017, Dr. Li Shaofeng from the Universityof Auckland gave a lecture entitled Teacherand Learner Beliefs about Corrective Feedback: A Meta-Analysis and a NarrativeReview at the Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (CLAL). Thelecture was chaired by Professor Xu Hai, Vice Director of the Center.

Whethercorrective feedback (CF) facilitates learning or not has long been a controversialissue among SLA (Second Language Acquisition) scholars. In this lecture, Dr. Lireported how he used meta-analysis and narrative review to give a comprehensivesynthesis of the research on teachers’ and students’ CF beliefs. At first, hepolled the audience about their attitude toward CF and distinguished meta-analysisfrom traditional narrative review. Secondly, he identified the importance ofhis study and presented in detail the formulation of research questions, theprocedures of meta-analysis and the results. Finally in the conclusion session,Dr. Li discussed the implications of the findings, identified gaps and issuesand provided specific and accessible solutions. Dr. Li recommended the hybridfeedback approach that included a variety of feedback and combined theadvantages of both recasts and prompts.

Thisinformative lecture was highly appreciated by the audience.  


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