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. Dr Walter van Heuven talks about how watching captioned videos is affected 2021-05-20
. Centre holds ERP training 2021-05-17
. Lecture by Dr. Constantinos Hadjichristidis on “The foreign language effect on judgment and decision making” 2020-09-27
. Lecture by Professor Alan Yu on “The cognitive origins of individual variation in speech perception and production” 2020-09-24
. Prof. Mei Leilei talks on the influence of second language on first language 2018-10-19
. Keep Calm and Carry on:The Minutes of the Symposium on Prof. GUI Shichun’s Academic Thoughts 2018-04-26
. Professor Liying Cheng’s Workshop on Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment 2018-01-10
. Prof. van Heuven Reported on Incidental Acquisition of Foreign Language Vocabulary 2017-12-11
. Prof. van Heuven Talked about Word Recognition and the Bilingual Brain 2017-12-11
. Professor Wu Xizhi’ lecture on some misleading ideas in statistical thinking and application 2017-11-30
. Prof. Ping Li Talks about How Second Language Learning Remodels the Brain 2017-11-15
. Dr. Li Shaofeng’s Lecture on Teacher and Learner Beliefs about Corrective Feedback 2017-10-25
. The 4th Session of Dr. GONG Tao’s Series of Lectures: Computer Simulation of Language Evolution 2017-09-27
. “From Language Learner’s Identity to Cross-cultural Becomings” by Dr. Dongping Zheng 2017-06-16
. “Reconceptualising Friendship, Rethinking Morality” by Dr. Andrew Lambert 2017-06-16
. “How to Do Meta-Analysis” by Yunshan Scholar Li Shaofeng 2017-06-15
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